About the NECSIS Board

The NECSIS Board: is responsible to NSERC, according to the terms and conditions of the Network Agreement; provides oversight on the Network activities; oversees major financial and governance matters, and is responsible for the management, direction and financial accountability of NECSIS; sets and reviews Network policies (including for admission and withdrawal of partner organizations); monitors progress and decision-making; approves the annual budgets recommended by the Steering Committee.

NECSIS Board Membership

  • Shaun Marshall (GM, Canadian Electrical Systems, Infotainment & Electrification – Chair of NECSIS Board)

  • Tom Maibaum (McMaster; NECSIS PI)

  • Peter Mascher (McMaster; Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering)
  • Marcellus Mindel (IBM Canada)
  • Stephen Watt (Waterloo; Dean of Maths)
Cathy Greenhalgh (GM; Engineering Group Manager – Next Gen Tools and Process)
  • Bran Selic (Malina Software)

  • Greg Dudek (McGill; Director; School of Computer Science)

  • Jeff Nerenberg (NSERC; Senior Manager, Special Initiatives, Research Partnerships Programs)

  • Andy Stone (McMaster; NECSIS Network Manager)

Former Board Members

  • Ian Goulden (Waterloo; Dean of Maths – to June 2015)
  • Don Aldridge (IBM; Chair of NECSIS Board – to May 2015)
  • Simon Morris (Cognivue – to Oct 2014)
  • John Wood (APC; Executive Director – to Apr 2014)
  • Jennifer Schmidt (UBC – to Feb 2014)
  • Justin Gammage (GM Canada – to Nov 2012; replaced by Shaun Marshall)
  • Karla Wallace (GM – to Jul 2012; replaced by Cathy Greenhalgh)
Nady Boules (GM- to Feb 2012; replaced by Karla Wallace)
  • Martin Grant (McGill – to Dec 2011; replaced by Greg Dudek)

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