Steering Committee

About the NECSIS Steering Committee

The NECSIS Steering Committee (SC) is responsible for setting research priorities and for making decisions concerning funding allocations and reallocations to projects based on input from the Scientific Advisory Board and the Executive Committee. The SC meets every six months, alternating between face-to-face meetings and electronic meetings, with additional meetings as needed to be held by teleconference.

The Steering Committee: recommends the annual budgets for approval by the Board; reviews applications for renewal of existing projects (and proposals for new ones); and delivers its recommendations to the Board.

Steering Committee Membership

  • Tom Maibaum (McMaster; co-Chair)
  • Joe D’Ambrosio (GM; co-Chair)
  • Jo Atlee (Waterloo)
  • Marsha Chechik (U of Toronto)
  • Jim Cordy (Queens)
  • Krzysztof Czarnecki (Waterloo)
  • Daniela Damian (UVic)
  • Gail Murphy (UBC)
  • Alexandre Petrenko (CRIM)
  • Hans Vangheluwe (McGill)
  • Jennifer Collins (IBM)
  • Bran Selic (Malina)
  • Ramesh S. (GM)
  • Shoham Ben-David (GM)
  • Andy Stone (McMaster)

Former Steering Committee Members

  • Zarrin Langari (GM – July 2013-Nov 2013) replaced by Shoham Ben-David
  • Jay Parlar (GM – until May 2013); replaced by Zarrin Langari
  • Shige Wang (GM – until Oct 2012); replaced by Ramesh S.
  • Stephen Perelgut (IBM – Oct 2011-Jan 2012); replaced by Jenniifer Collins
  • Marcellus Mindel (IBM – until Oct 2011); replaced by Stephen Perelgut