5 Surefire Signs that It’s Time to Switch Car Insurance Companies


Have you ever called up your insurance company and realized that in order to talk someone live you had to navigate through 20 minutes of automated telephone prompts? Are your car insurance premiums increasing when you renew your policy, or are you having trouble with your last claim? It may be time to consider a change. Here are five surefire signs that it’s time to switch car insurance companies.

They Just Raised Your Rates for No Reason

This is a tricky one, as there are many reasons why your rates might go up, with everything from where you live to your vehicle’s theft rate all contributing to the estimation of your premiums. But if you call your agent and he or she cannot legitimately name a reason, it may be time to look elsewhere.


You Shopped Around and Found a Lower Rate Elsewhere

Everyone should price shop the competition, because it’s so easy. So, if your carrier can’t match it, and you think this new firm will offer you the level of service you expect, then make the switch! It’s like free money. Almost.

When You Have a Problem It is Impossible to Speak to Anyone

It’s amazing how important it is to have a live person to talk to when your car gets totaled and a family member is in the hospital. At these times, automated phone services just don’t cut it.

Your Insurance Carrier Delayed an Accident Repair over Cost Squabbling

This can easily happen when two insurance carriers are involved in an accident repair or if your repair requires a specialty shop. Some insurance companies will send an estimator and a couple of negotiators to get the price down further for them. All of this, of course, is done while you are waiting. So make sure your provider doesn’t do this.

Your Insurance Agent Never Remembers Who You Are

Clearly this means your agent is either overworked with too many clients or they just don’t care about their job. Either way, you deserve better.Know More